The Art of Juking in Dota 2 – Tips and Tricks – ROG GAMING School [Part 10]

Hey guys, Ben here! Welcome to our final tutorial! We’ve seen your feedback from the previous episode and were amazed by its positivity regarding the concept.

We have no other choice but to keep going with it and cover even more tips and tricks. If I recall correctly, we went over some of the more famous pulling tricks in the previous episode. In this one, we plan to cover some escaping mechanisms and give you a few of more general tricks you can use during the game.

So let’s start, shall we? Before we give some concrete tips related to specific Heroes, let’s go over the things you need to know about juking and at the end, not getting juked. Juking is the art of escaping the imminent death, or simply evading the enemy Heroes by using hidden paths among the trees and “abusing” the fog of war. There are ton of hidden paths among the trees, so it’s impossible to cover all of them. The most important paths can usually be found near the towers in the lanes, specially in the safe lanes.

Since almost every Hero needs some time to cast its spell or attack, using those small paths will make it really hard for the enemy Hero to go through the full attack or cast animation. There are several instances where you can cut down a single tree to open yourself a There’s a small trick to improve your chances of hitting the enemy with your auto attack in case he is trying to juke you. Instead of trying to right click on the enemy Hero while it constantly goes in and out of your vision, use the following mechanic. Repeatedly press A and left click on the ground where you think the enemy Hero is. This issues the attack ground order for your own Hero, who will immediately start its attack animation once the enemy Hero becomes visible.

In other words, your Hero will go to the clicked point and attack the first visible enemy that comes in its range. This could work against you if there are nearby enemy creeps, but it does wonders in more desolate places. Another cool trick to escape the enemy Heroes can be found on the edges of the ramps. Let’s say that you are escaping from the enemy Hero and are about to climb upon the ramp.

Instead of going forward, what your enemy would assume, you immediately go backwards. This will most definitely increase the distance from the Hero chasing you and could potentially save your life, specially if it was a melee Hero. Similar thing can be done in the Roshan pit. Now, let’s go through some specific Hero instances where you can escape the death.

There are several Heroes who can use their spells to dodge and disjoint the enemy projectiles. Storm Spirit can use his ultimate to escape the Sniper’s ultimate. Morphling can also do that with his wave. However, some Heroes can’t disjoint projectiles, like Mirana’s Leap or Slark’s Pounce, so keep that in mind. also a cool illusion trick you can do with any Hero that has some kind of the illusion creation spell.

Shadow Demon, Naga Siren, Terrorblade, or once you get the Manta. You are a Shadow Demon who creates illusions of himself. Once the illusions are created, use one of them to run away, while keeping your other illusion and your actual Hero still.

This could bait the enemy into thinking that the Illusion is actually a real Hero and could leave you alone. Doesn’t always work, but once it does you will feel amazing! I believe we have already covered the instances where Smoke can be used to disjoint Sniper’s and Zeus ultimate. However, remember that going invis can’t disjoint Sniper’s ultimate, but can disjoint the Zeus ultimate.

Puck is also a cool Hero who can use his first skill to mess around with his/her opponents. Simply cast your orb and often, the enemy Hero will follow it thinking you will blink onto it. Well, simply don’t and you will be safe! The most important thing is to learn the map as soon as possible and learn the small paths among the trees. These will save your life a few times in just a single game if you know even the basic ones. However, it will take a lot of time to remember them all.

Thanks a lot for watching guys, see you in our next one! Ben, signing out!

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