Stop Making Video Game Movies

Warcraft One of the more recent films on our list, this film was actually announced back in 2006, but didn’t get into production until much later, with its release date being June 10th of 2016. In terms of it’s narrative, it follows the first encounters of humans and orcs, and while some really enjoyed the film, many felt it fell victim to it’s heavy use of CGI. Others felt that the CGI orcs were the best part of the movie, with the opinion that they actually had depth compared to their human counterparts. Zing. 4 Doom The original Doom game didn’t really have a plot. Or at least a complex narrative, rather. So one can see how this 2005 film would bee more inclined to based itself off of Doom 3 rather than it’s 1993 predecessor. Starring Carl Urban and Dwayne the rock Johnson, Doom was a box office bomb, grossing only 56 million world wide, four million short of it’s 60 million south african live casinos dollar budget.

Set in 2046, the film follows marines who answer a distress call from a research facility on Mars. While the film wasn’t oscar material, it does have one fantastic scene that’s an homage to the game, filmed in a first person perspective to represent the game’s FPS point of view. 3 Silent Hill Based off of the Silent Hill game series, this 2006 starred Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean. It took five years for filmmakers to get the rights from Konami, with director Christophe Gans even sending a video to the developer, articulating his adoration of the video games and his desire to do them justice on the big screen. Despite getting a lot of heat for subpar dialogue, a messy plot and a lengthly run time, the film did score points for it’s chilly cinematography, production design and over all style, and pulled in almost $100 million worldwide. The film follows a woman who brings her adopted daughter to the town of Silent Hill, where she gets into a car accident upon arriving. Her daughter goes missing, and as she tries to discover where she is, she uncovers not only her daughter’s past connection to the town, but also a local cult. 2 Lara Croft Tomb Raider With star power like Angelina Jolie, it’s easy to see why these 2001 and 2003 films were big blockbuster hits. Jolie fit into that fantasy Lara Croft oh so easily, and while the franchise – from the latest games and the new upcoming film set for 2018 – are now steering the character into a more relatable coming of age narrative and less of a tit-tacular one, these two adaptations did do a good job of encompassing certain elements of the game that were a crucial part to Lara Croft’s overall history.

Resident Evil film franchise Now, I know it may seem a bit unfair to bulk all of the Resident Evil films into one number. But, this isn’t a list of the top 10 resident evil movies, now is it? Arguably the most successful game to cinema transition, the franchise boasts a total of 6 films with talked of a reboot currently in development. While it’s of popular opinion that the last three films were, well, questionable in quality, many fans felt that as far as cinematic adaptations go, the films did a very good job at translating the story and terror that makes the Resident Evil games so loveable and compelling. I know there’s a lot of films we didn’t touch on, so if you guys want a part two, let us know in those comments. And hey, if you dug this video, make sure you hit those like and subscribe buttons before you go. Don’t wanna go? Well, we have a ton of other lists you can check out if your heart desires. But for now, I’ve been Kelly Paoli and this has been top 10 gaming. I’ll catch you all in the next one! Go click those videos!

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