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The Art of Juking in Dota 2 – Tips and Tricks – ROG GAMING School [Part 10]

Hey guys, Ben here! Welcome to our final tutorial! We’ve seen your feedback from the previous episode and were amazed by its positivity regarding the concept.

We have no other choice but to keep going with it and cover even more tips and tricks. If I recall correctly, we went over some of the more famous pulling tricks in the previous episode. In this one, we plan to cover some escaping mechanisms and give you a few of more general tricks you can use during the game.

So let’s start, shall we? Before we give some concrete tips related to specific Heroes, let’s go over the things you need to know about juking and at the end, not getting juked. Juking is the art of escaping the imminent death, or simply evading the enemy Heroes by using hidden paths among the trees and “abusing” the fog of war. There are ton of hidden paths among the trees, so it’s impossible to cover all of them. The most important paths can usually be found near the towers in the lanes, specially in the safe lanes.

Since almost every Hero needs some time to cast its spell or attack, using those small paths will make it really hard for the enemy Hero to go through the full attack or cast animation. There are several instances where you can cut down a single tree to open yourself a There’s a small trick to improve your chances of hitting the enemy with your auto attack in case he is trying to juke you. Instead of trying to right click on the enemy Hero while it constantly goes in and out of your vision, use the following mechanic. Repeatedly press A and left click on the ground where you think the enemy Hero is. This issues the attack ground order for your own Hero, who will immediately start its attack animation once the enemy Hero becomes visible.

In other words, your Hero will go to the clicked point and attack the first visible enemy that comes in its range. This could work against you if there are nearby enemy creeps, but it does wonders in more desolate places. Another cool trick to escape the enemy Heroes can be found on the edges of the ramps. Let’s say that you are escaping from the enemy Hero and are about to climb upon the ramp.

Instead of going forward, what your enemy would assume, you immediately go backwards. This will most definitely increase the distance from the Hero chasing you and could potentially save your life, specially if it was a melee Hero. Similar thing can be done in the Roshan pit. Now, let’s go through some specific Hero instances where you can escape the death.

There are several Heroes who can use their spells to dodge and disjoint the enemy projectiles. Storm Spirit can use his ultimate to escape the Sniper’s ultimate. Morphling can also do that with his wave. However, some Heroes can’t disjoint projectiles, like Mirana’s Leap or Slark’s Pounce, so keep that in mind. also a cool illusion trick you can do with any Hero that has some kind of the illusion creation spell.

Shadow Demon, Naga Siren, Terrorblade, or once you get the Manta. You are a Shadow Demon who creates illusions of himself. Once the illusions are created, use one of them to run away, while keeping your other illusion and your actual Hero still.

This could bait the enemy into thinking that the Illusion is actually a real Hero and could leave you alone. Doesn’t always work, but once it does you will feel amazing! I believe we have already covered the instances where Smoke can be used to disjoint Sniper’s and Zeus ultimate. However, remember that going invis can’t disjoint Sniper’s ultimate, but can disjoint the Zeus ultimate.

Puck is also a cool Hero who can use his first skill to mess around with his/her opponents. Simply cast your orb and often, the enemy Hero will follow it thinking you will blink onto it. Well, simply don’t and you will be safe! The most important thing is to learn the map as soon as possible and learn the small paths among the trees. These will save your life a few times in just a single game if you know even the basic ones. However, it will take a lot of time to remember them all.

Thanks a lot for watching guys, see you in our next one! Ben, signing out!

Cruel Video Games

After helping Banjo find the rest of the jigsaw pieces in the area, he is never seen again… until ten years later in the 2008 title Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. In the level ‘Banjoland’, which is a museum of every Banjo level from the first two games. Clanker makes an appearance here… cut up into many, many pieces and scattered throughout the level. Taking his organic-interior into account, this becomes incredibly gruesome. He’s still alive too, meaning that he has to live with this horror now. In some pre-release footage of the original Banjo-Kazooie, Clanker appears to be a fully organic shark. So what happened to him that turned him into this monstrosity? The god of this world is truly cruel to Clanker. Brain Andross from Star Fox 64 At the beginning of the Star Fox series, Dr. Andross was a simple well-intentioned and respected scientist. However, his lust for power turned him insane, and was eventually banished to the planet Venom, where he began his conquest for the entire galaxy. Andross is the final boss of Star Fox 64, and playing through a normal route has you face his monstrous creepy monkey face in some drug-induced nightmare arena.

Making it to the end of Venom has you facing Andross as normal, until you obliterate his face, revealing… this disgusting abomination. The true final fight is with Andross’ disembodied floating brain and retinas. It’s one of the most disgusting final bosses in a Nintendo game, and is incredibly unnerving seeing it move around… especially those retinas. It’s sad just how far Andross has fallen from grace, going from a respected scientist to an eldritch abomination. And if that wasn’t enough, they managed to make him look even more grotesque in the 3DS remake, Star Fox 64 3D. Luckily, Brain Andross is absent from the second remake, Star Fox Zero, instead being replaced by a metallic robot Andross. Although it feels a bit wrong to not have him around anymore, but perhaps it’s for the best that we didn’t see him in HD. The Killer Piano in Super Mario 64 Sometimes our assumptions can get the best of us. For example, assuming that there won’t be anything horrifying in a series as playful and wholesome as Super Mario. We were all guilty of this before playing Super Mario 64. Never again now.

When entering the level “Big Boo’s Haunt”, the atmosphere feels .. incredibly uneasy, one that feels almost out of place in a Mario game. But whatever, it’s probably just the standard Mario ghosts, like Boos and Dry Bones, right? Well… Meet the Killer Piano, infamous for making a generation of kids shit their pants collectively. This seemingly normal piano becomes a musical greeting card from hell the second you get too close to it. Horrible jagged teeth protrude from it as it stomps towards you, while making sounds that sound like someone is smashing all of its keys at once. It’s impossible to kill this piano as well, despite the official Nintendo Power Player’s Guide stating that it was possible. That was a lie. Maybe it was a typo, or maybe it was meant to instill false security.

Unexpected Scares In Video Games

Sometimes the best scares come from the most unexpected places. When we’re playing a horror game like Resident Evil, we’re always on edge, expecting something spooky to come out at any moment. While they definitely do scare the hell out of us, we already know they’re coming. Now, when they come from a cute and cuddly “kids” game, well that’s a different story. So today, we’re gonna take a look at some of the characters that brought out these moments in N64 games. And we’re going to talk about one game per entry, because that’s more fun. These are 7 unnecessarily horrifying characters in kid-friendly games. The Ghost of Wrinkly Kong from Donkey Kong 64 Wrinkly Kong is a kindly old gorilla who appeared throughout the Donkey Kong Country series. Unlike her husband, Cranky Kong, she actually tries to help the Kongs by offering them advice about the games items and objects. Through her life she was very caring and intelligent, being a faithful wife to Cranky and a possible grandmother or mother to Donkey Kong. That’s still a bit up in the air.

Unfortunately she passed away after the events of Donkey Kong Country 3. Throughout Donkey Kong 64, we are left with sad reminders of her life through these Wrinkly Doors that– Holy shit! Alright, so Wrinkly Kong does make a posthumous appearance in Donkey Kong 64 as a ghost. While she assures you that she is not there to harm you and you shouldn’t be afraid, those bone-chilling sounds of her spirit coming forward were enough to make any child actively avoid every single Wrinkly Door they came across, no matter how helpful her advice was. It’s almost a shame how freaky she is in this game, as she is still just as sweet as she was in life, even being the only Kong in the game to offer her help for free. Despite being dead, Wrinkly Kong continues to make appearances in Donkey Kong games, even being featured as a playable character in DK: King of Swing, DK: Jungle Climber and Donkey Kong Barrel Blast.

Thankfully without that hellish ghostly shriek. Clanker from Banjo Kazooie Back in 1998, an instant classic was released in the form of Banjo-Kazooie. The worlds were fairly small, contained and cute, as seen in the first two worlds ‘Mumbo’s Mountain’ and ‘Treasure Trove Cove’. When entering the third world for the first time, it seems to be the same case. You enter a small sewer system with some ugly crabs walking about, when suddenly you find yourself in an enormous body of water… and you clearly aren’t alone. You’re greeted by a pair of big of creepy eyes, and an even bigger set of sharp teeth. This is Clanker, Gruntilda the Witch’s garbage disposal system. Clanker is a tragic character that only becomes terrifying when you begin to realize what he truly is. While he may seem to be a completely mechanical fish-shark thing, when you enter his body you find organic organs and bones inside. Just what exactly was Clanker before Gruntilda found him? He is completely submerged under sewer water when you first meet him, despite him having to breath through a blowhole, so it’s clear that he is not being treated well.

Stop Making Video Game Movies

Warcraft One of the more recent films on our list, this film was actually announced back in 2006, but didn’t get into production until much later, with its release date being June 10th of 2016. In terms of it’s narrative, it follows the first encounters of humans and orcs, and while some really enjoyed the film, many felt it fell victim to it’s heavy use of CGI. Others felt that the CGI orcs were the best part of the movie, with the opinion that they actually had depth compared to their human counterparts. Zing. 4 Doom The original Doom game didn’t really have a plot. Or at least a complex narrative, rather. So one can see how this 2005 film would bee more inclined to based itself off of Doom 3 rather than it’s 1993 predecessor. Starring Carl Urban and Dwayne the rock Johnson, Doom was a box office bomb, grossing only 56 million world wide, four million short of it’s 60 million south african live casinos dollar budget.

Set in 2046, the film follows marines who answer a distress call from a research facility on Mars. While the film wasn’t oscar material, it does have one fantastic scene that’s an homage to the game, filmed in a first person perspective to represent the game’s FPS point of view. 3 Silent Hill Based off of the Silent Hill game series, this 2006 starred Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean. It took five years for filmmakers to get the rights from Konami, with director Christophe Gans even sending a video to the developer, articulating his adoration of the video games and his desire to do them justice on the big screen. Despite getting a lot of heat for subpar dialogue, a messy plot and a lengthly run time, the film did score points for it’s chilly cinematography, production design and over all style, and pulled in almost $100 million worldwide. The film follows a woman who brings her adopted daughter to the town of Silent Hill, where she gets into a car accident upon arriving. Her daughter goes missing, and as she tries to discover where she is, she uncovers not only her daughter’s past connection to the town, but also a local cult. 2 Lara Croft Tomb Raider With star power like Angelina Jolie, it’s easy to see why these 2001 and 2003 films were big blockbuster hits. Jolie fit into that fantasy Lara Croft oh so easily, and while the franchise – from the latest games and the new upcoming film set for 2018 – are now steering the character into a more relatable coming of age narrative and less of a tit-tacular one, these two adaptations did do a good job of encompassing certain elements of the game that were a crucial part to Lara Croft’s overall history.

Resident Evil film franchise Now, I know it may seem a bit unfair to bulk all of the Resident Evil films into one number. But, this isn’t a list of the top 10 resident evil movies, now is it? Arguably the most successful game to cinema transition, the franchise boasts a total of 6 films with talked of a reboot currently in development. While it’s of popular opinion that the last three films were, well, questionable in quality, many fans felt that as far as cinematic adaptations go, the films did a very good job at translating the story and terror that makes the Resident Evil games so loveable and compelling. I know there’s a lot of films we didn’t touch on, so if you guys want a part two, let us know in those comments. And hey, if you dug this video, make sure you hit those like and subscribe buttons before you go. Don’t wanna go? Well, we have a ton of other lists you can check out if your heart desires. But for now, I’ve been Kelly Paoli and this has been top 10 gaming. I’ll catch you all in the next one! Go click those videos!