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Korean Slot Machine


What are you talking about? I think it’s not your fault It smells like a man. The male hormone’s smell… natural man has male hormone’s smell but this is too much! I hate this male hormones smell! It can be smelly cuz two men are in a small room! We’ve always been together in a small room!

Why do you make me smelly man? Now I’m okay~ I’m used to it now You are so fortunate to just watch us He is too sensitive! Yes, I am you mean to me I think live dealer casinos is the great thing, you don`t need to search casinos near you.

I think it’s a drama about juvenile, like ‘Gossip girl’ We would see lots of high schoolers. (we call it student smell~) We didn’t watch this drama but there are Korean fans of this drama We have a nice chance to watch this MV We will watch hormone smelly MV. Slot Machine’s class 4. Is that a school? He looks so sick… same boy?

Does he suffer from illness? I don’t think so… Those are not a normal situation They have eyes of dissatisfaction. They looks almost like zombie.

Being controlled by those patches on their head They are all teenager, right? It’s a drama about teenager.. Those are uniforms It’s not a scene from drama.. this MV is just for the OST…. with same actors (?!?!) OMG!

(coward yelling!) Are zombies in school? Everyone was hurt.

yeah… oh!!! It’s a Slot Machine.. we have to know It’s not an adult drama, it’s about teenagers..!!!! Does it mean that those things are happening in the school? Unbelievable. Is Thailand like this?

Korea is not blood everywhere! everyone hurt I miss Christmas suddenly. He has to solve problems with that key. That’s not a simple relationship? Those two girls… oh twin… Where?

Where are they? what a cool scenery! Ending scene of growth-drama. Blood there???

oh, I guess it’s not. 55555 It’s bloody, although it’s a drama for teenager. But it’s not a scene of the drama. It’s just a concept. Just for this MV?

Yeah~~ they sang along. If we don’t know about the ‘hormones’, we would think it’s a horror drama. But I don’t think so.. It’s not like my school life. I didn’t hurt anyone and attacked someone with a club.

Actually everyone’s school life wasn’t like this MV. I guess you did sometimes. a few times..5555555 They are similar to you. There are smells of blood, sweat, and hormones. Not at all. you are too sensitive!

Today your concept is hormones man. Do you have any last words? ….. Do you have plan to watch this drama?

After watching this MV.. We can’t guess the story Yes, but I think it’s fun to see those characters. Yeah They are cute teenagers. Many of you comment us to watch it, so we chose it. I like drama of school life, so I watched this kind of Korean drama. Because he didn’t experiece such life… love in school.. or something. I was a quite student.

I get vicarious satisfaction from those dramas. It’s fun. it’s a successful choice. It’s not like our expectation but cool!

Today I was together with smelly Seongbak. I have to leave now Please subscribe and love us~ Thank you for watching

The Wall – Our Biggest Win Ever


the wall game

– Well, now that we’ve seen you work through the questions in isolation, it’s clear to everyone how you successfully raised two daughters. All of your concerns related back to them, everything you did related back to them. So it’s clear that whatever you decided was a completely selfless decision. Now it’s time to find out how your steady hand paid off. How many did you think you got right, by the way?

Maybe one. – You got three right! – Oh, are you kidding me? – I am not, that would be a terrible joke.

– Oh, my God. – You got three right. So, at live dealer casino Ireland you w0n $95,023. But if you ripped it up and took a risk, you are leaving with the amount on the Wall, which you don’t know what that is yet. So, I’m going to bring you over here, I’m going to stand you in front of Brooke.

Face to face, okay you can turn around and face each other. You know, you’re family, whatever you decided is fine. So just tell her what you did.

– We’ve had a lot of ups and downs. And no matter which way it came, we came out on top. And my heart and my soul, no matter what, will always be with you two girls.

I’ve got two beautiful, intelligent daughters that have made me prouder than any man could be. [tense music] I always want to be your rock. And one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made was tonight.

And I totally thought I blew it. ♪ 35,000, you know, a lot of people go, “35,000 when you could win a couple million?” You know, and I knew the right thing to do was to sign that contract so you’d go home with a little bit of money. But you know what? I tore it up. – [exhales] Dad, I just want you to know, when I was born, I was blessed with the best father I could ever imagine.

You have been there for me. And I am where I am in life because I had a father like you. It was tough out here. I can’t even explain to you. My emotions were all over the place.

But I gotta tell you, we are going home with $1.4 million. – $1.4 million! Oh, my God!

– We’re millionaires! We’re millionaires! [crowd cheering] – Congratulations! Congratulations, oh, my God.

– Oh, my God. Oh, my God. – I know, I know, I know.

– $1.4 million, you can retire. You can pay off your loans. This is one of the happiest episodes I think I’ve ever experienced on “The Wall.” This is an amazing family. This guy raised two amazing daughters. And as a family, they came here, they played together as a family.

And they’re leaving here winners, as a family.

Are esports real sports? Can gaming be a career?

Can’t you go a little easy on that keyboard? You’ll break it if you type so fast. Tell at athlete to slow down when he’s running na Ma.

Runners go fast because they are trying to win the race. You’re not going anywhere sitting in front of that computer all day. I’m trying to win as well! Win what? A shooting video game?

Stop comparing video games to sports. Mom. This is a sport. How can you even compare that game to a sport. Mom, this is a combination of chess and football. It’s very similar to that.

Gadhedo. Ok. Consider this.

The game has 2 teams. One team is the Terrorists the other team is the Counter-Terrorists. The Terrorists have to plant the bomb and the Counter-Terrorists have to stop the Terrorists from planting the bomb or they have to defuse it.

How is it that different from a goal keeper trying to stop a footballer from trying to score a goal But I still don’t see how it is a sport. Just because there is an explosive football involved. Real sports take skill, training and people actually make a career out of it.

Actually, mastering this game and aiming well takes a lot of skill. Professional players dedicate thousands of hours of practice just on developing their muscle memory and improving their reflexes. Not only this, they put in just as much effort as about any other sport player. Also, as far as a career is concerned, take a look at this. Did you know that more people watch esports online than the watch the NBA on TV?

That’s just one title. And not only this. Some esports tournaments has more than 3 times the prize pool of the IPL. That is India’s bigest Cricket League. But still, its just clicking rapidly and shooting people.

Football is real physical excercise which is good for your body. Agreed. Esports may not involve as much physical activity as a conventional sport. But it does involve tons of mind games and mental exercise.

Is moving your finger and sitting their all day good for your body? Would you call that physical excercise? So chess is not a sport? There are lots of strategic decisions that gamers have to take in split seconds. They need to do the math, calculate the risk and change their moves according to the game play of the opponent.

In Chess and Football, both players have their units on…on an open battle field. You see the moves that your opponents makes and tailor your moves accordingly. But in Counter-Strike, you cannot. There are million different ways to set up ambushes and a million different ways of breaking through them.

Positioning and flanking your enemy here is crucial. You’re right. Positioning is crucial. Just like different units in chess, every player on a team has a different role. The game has an economy system that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a weapon, while planning a strategy. You mean to say this game is Chess, Football and a Video Game at the same time?

No. This is esports.

The Art of Juking in Dota 2 – Tips and Tricks – ROG GAMING School [Part 10]

Hey guys, Ben here! Welcome to our final tutorial! We’ve seen your feedback from the previous episode and were amazed by its positivity regarding the concept.

We have no other choice but to keep going with it and cover even more tips and tricks. If I recall correctly, we went over some of the more famous pulling tricks in the previous episode. In this one, we plan to cover some escaping mechanisms and give you a few of more general tricks you can use during the game.

So let’s start, shall we? Before we give some concrete tips related to specific Heroes, let’s go over the things you need to know about juking and at the end, not getting juked. Juking is the art of escaping the imminent death, or simply evading the enemy Heroes by using hidden paths among the trees and “abusing” the fog of war. There are ton of hidden paths among the trees, so it’s impossible to cover all of them. The most important paths can usually be found near the towers in the lanes, specially in the safe lanes.

Since almost every Hero needs some time to cast its spell or attack, using those small paths will make it really hard for the enemy Hero to go through the full attack or cast animation. There are several instances where you can cut down a single tree to open yourself a There’s a small trick to improve your chances of hitting the enemy with your auto attack in case he is trying to juke you. Instead of trying to right click on the enemy Hero while it constantly goes in and out of your vision, use the following mechanic. Repeatedly press A and left click on the ground where you think the enemy Hero is. This issues the attack ground order for your own Hero, who will immediately start its attack animation once the enemy Hero becomes visible.

In other words, your Hero will go to the clicked point and attack the first visible enemy that comes in its range. This could work against you if there are nearby enemy creeps, but it does wonders in more desolate places. Another cool trick to escape the enemy Heroes can be found on the edges of the ramps. Let’s say that you are escaping from the enemy Hero and are about to climb upon the ramp.

Instead of going forward, what your enemy would assume, you immediately go backwards. This will most definitely increase the distance from the Hero chasing you and could potentially save your life, specially if it was a melee Hero. Similar thing can be done in the Roshan pit. Now, let’s go through some specific Hero instances where you can escape the death.

There are several Heroes who can use their spells to dodge and disjoint the enemy projectiles. Storm Spirit can use his ultimate to escape the Sniper’s ultimate. Morphling can also do that with his wave. However, some Heroes can’t disjoint projectiles, like Mirana’s Leap or Slark’s Pounce, so keep that in mind. also a cool illusion trick you can do with any Hero that has some kind of the illusion creation spell.

Shadow Demon, Naga Siren, Terrorblade, or once you get the Manta. You are a Shadow Demon who creates illusions of himself. Once the illusions are created, use one of them to run away, while keeping your other illusion and your actual Hero still.

This could bait the enemy into thinking that the Illusion is actually a real Hero and could leave you alone. Doesn’t always work, but once it does you will feel amazing! I believe we have already covered the instances where Smoke can be used to disjoint Sniper’s and Zeus ultimate. However, remember that going invis can’t disjoint Sniper’s ultimate, but can disjoint the Zeus ultimate.

Puck is also a cool Hero who can use his first skill to mess around with his/her opponents. Simply cast your orb and often, the enemy Hero will follow it thinking you will blink onto it. Well, simply don’t and you will be safe! The most important thing is to learn the map as soon as possible and learn the small paths among the trees. These will save your life a few times in just a single game if you know even the basic ones. However, it will take a lot of time to remember them all.

Thanks a lot for watching guys, see you in our next one! Ben, signing out!

Cruel Video Games

After helping Banjo find the rest of the jigsaw pieces in the area, he is never seen again… until ten years later in the 2008 title Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. In the level ‘Banjoland’, which is a museum of every Banjo level from the first two games. Clanker makes an appearance here… cut up into many, many pieces and scattered throughout the level. Taking his organic-interior into account, this becomes incredibly gruesome. He’s still alive too, meaning that he has to live with this horror now. In some pre-release footage of the original Banjo-Kazooie, Clanker appears to be a fully organic shark. So what happened to him that turned him into this monstrosity? The god of this world is truly cruel to Clanker. Brain Andross from Star Fox 64 At the beginning of the Star Fox series, Dr. Andross was a simple well-intentioned and respected scientist. However, his lust for power turned him insane, and was eventually banished to the planet Venom, where he began his conquest for the entire galaxy. Andross is the final boss of Star Fox 64, and playing through a normal route has you face his monstrous creepy monkey face in some drug-induced nightmare arena.

Making it to the end of Venom has you facing Andross as normal, until you obliterate his face, revealing… this disgusting abomination. The true final fight is with Andross’ disembodied floating brain and retinas. It’s one of the most disgusting final bosses in a Nintendo game, and is incredibly unnerving seeing it move around… especially those retinas. It’s sad just how far Andross has fallen from grace, going from a respected scientist to an eldritch abomination. And if that wasn’t enough, they managed to make him look even more grotesque in the 3DS remake, Star Fox 64 3D. Luckily, Brain Andross is absent from the second remake, Star Fox Zero, instead being replaced by a metallic robot Andross. Although it feels a bit wrong to not have him around anymore, but perhaps it’s for the best that we didn’t see him in HD. The Killer Piano in Super Mario 64 Sometimes our assumptions can get the best of us. For example, assuming that there won’t be anything horrifying in a series as playful and wholesome as Super Mario. We were all guilty of this before playing Super Mario 64. Never again now.

When entering the level “Big Boo’s Haunt”, the atmosphere feels .. incredibly uneasy, one that feels almost out of place in a Mario game. But whatever, it’s probably just the standard Mario ghosts, like Boos and Dry Bones, right? Well… Meet the Killer Piano, infamous for making a generation of kids shit their pants collectively. This seemingly normal piano becomes a musical greeting card from hell the second you get too close to it. Horrible jagged teeth protrude from it as it stomps towards you, while making sounds that sound like someone is smashing all of its keys at once. It’s impossible to kill this piano as well, despite the official Nintendo Power Player’s Guide stating that it was possible. That was a lie. Maybe it was a typo, or maybe it was meant to instill false security.

Unexpected Scares In Video Games

Sometimes the best scares come from the most unexpected places. When we’re playing a horror game like Resident Evil, we’re always on edge, expecting something spooky to come out at any moment. While they definitely do scare the hell out of us, we already know they’re coming. Now, when they come from a cute and cuddly “kids” game, well that’s a different story. So today, we’re gonna take a look at some of the characters that brought out these moments in N64 games. And we’re going to talk about one game per entry, because that’s more fun. These are 7 unnecessarily horrifying characters in kid-friendly games. The Ghost of Wrinkly Kong from Donkey Kong 64 Wrinkly Kong is a kindly old gorilla who appeared throughout the Donkey Kong Country series. Unlike her husband, Cranky Kong, she actually tries to help the Kongs by offering them advice about the games items and objects. Through her life she was very caring and intelligent, being a faithful wife to Cranky and a possible grandmother or mother to Donkey Kong. That’s still a bit up in the air.

Unfortunately she passed away after the events of Donkey Kong Country 3. Throughout Donkey Kong 64, we are left with sad reminders of her life through these Wrinkly Doors that– Holy shit! Alright, so Wrinkly Kong does make a posthumous appearance in Donkey Kong 64 as a ghost. While she assures you that she is not there to harm you and you shouldn’t be afraid, those bone-chilling sounds of her spirit coming forward were enough to make any child actively avoid every single Wrinkly Door they came across, no matter how helpful her advice was. It’s almost a shame how freaky she is in this game, as she is still just as sweet as she was in life, even being the only Kong in the game to offer her help for free. Despite being dead, Wrinkly Kong continues to make appearances in Donkey Kong games, even being featured as a playable character in DK: King of Swing, DK: Jungle Climber and Donkey Kong Barrel Blast.

Thankfully without that hellish ghostly shriek. Clanker from Banjo Kazooie Back in 1998, an instant classic was released in the form of Banjo-Kazooie. The worlds were fairly small, contained and cute, as seen in the first two worlds ‘Mumbo’s Mountain’ and ‘Treasure Trove Cove’. When entering the third world for the first time, it seems to be the same case. You enter a small sewer system with some ugly crabs walking about, when suddenly you find yourself in an enormous body of water… and you clearly aren’t alone. You’re greeted by a pair of big of creepy eyes, and an even bigger set of sharp teeth. This is Clanker, Gruntilda the Witch’s garbage disposal system. Clanker is a tragic character that only becomes terrifying when you begin to realize what he truly is. While he may seem to be a completely mechanical fish-shark thing, when you enter his body you find organic organs and bones inside. Just what exactly was Clanker before Gruntilda found him? He is completely submerged under sewer water when you first meet him, despite him having to breath through a blowhole, so it’s clear that he is not being treated well.

Stop Making Video Game Movies

Warcraft One of the more recent films on our list, this film was actually announced back in 2006, but didn’t get into production until much later, with its release date being June 10th of 2016. In terms of it’s narrative, it follows the first encounters of humans and orcs, and while some really enjoyed the film, many felt it fell victim to it’s heavy use of CGI. Others felt that the CGI orcs were the best part of the movie, with the opinion that they actually had depth compared to their human counterparts. Zing. 4 Doom The original Doom game didn’t really have a plot. Or at least a complex narrative, rather. So one can see how this 2005 film would bee more inclined to based itself off of Doom 3 rather than it’s 1993 predecessor. Starring Carl Urban and Dwayne the rock Johnson, Doom was a box office bomb, grossing only 56 million world wide, four million short of it’s 60 million south african live casinos dollar budget.

Set in 2046, the film follows marines who answer a distress call from a research facility on Mars. While the film wasn’t oscar material, it does have one fantastic scene that’s an homage to the game, filmed in a first person perspective to represent the game’s FPS point of view. 3 Silent Hill Based off of the Silent Hill game series, this 2006 starred Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean. It took five years for filmmakers to get the rights from Konami, with director Christophe Gans even sending a video to the developer, articulating his adoration of the video games and his desire to do them justice on the big screen. Despite getting a lot of heat for subpar dialogue, a messy plot and a lengthly run time, the film did score points for it’s chilly cinematography, production design and over all style, and pulled in almost $100 million worldwide. The film follows a woman who brings her adopted daughter to the town of Silent Hill, where she gets into a car accident upon arriving. Her daughter goes missing, and as she tries to discover where she is, she uncovers not only her daughter’s past connection to the town, but also a local cult. 2 Lara Croft Tomb Raider With star power like Angelina Jolie, it’s easy to see why these 2001 and 2003 films were big blockbuster hits. Jolie fit into that fantasy Lara Croft oh so easily, and while the franchise – from the latest games and the new upcoming film set for 2018 – are now steering the character into a more relatable coming of age narrative and less of a tit-tacular one, these two adaptations did do a good job of encompassing certain elements of the game that were a crucial part to Lara Croft’s overall history.

Resident Evil film franchise Now, I know it may seem a bit unfair to bulk all of the Resident Evil films into one number. But, this isn’t a list of the top 10 resident evil movies, now is it? Arguably the most successful game to cinema transition, the franchise boasts a total of 6 films with talked of a reboot currently in development. While it’s of popular opinion that the last three films were, well, questionable in quality, many fans felt that as far as cinematic adaptations go, the films did a very good job at translating the story and terror that makes the Resident Evil games so loveable and compelling. I know there’s a lot of films we didn’t touch on, so if you guys want a part two, let us know in those comments. And hey, if you dug this video, make sure you hit those like and subscribe buttons before you go. Don’t wanna go? Well, we have a ton of other lists you can check out if your heart desires. But for now, I’ve been Kelly Paoli and this has been top 10 gaming. I’ll catch you all in the next one! Go click those videos!


Societies of most countries find gambling to be an awkward issue. There is strong indication of the popularity of gambling, leading some people to believe in an irresistible urge to gamble. Yet, there is also possible evidence that gambling is contrary to the requirements and frame of mind of an industrialized society. In The Theory of Leisure Class, Thorstein Veblen argues that gambling encourages a belief and dependence in luck for achieving financial success, rather than dedication, rational thinking and hard work. He goes on to say that gambling teaches people to have faith in the saying “getting something for nothing”, and that this undermines their ability to strive in work and effort, and to have faith in their own future.

Church officials have spoken out against gambling, primarily those of Protestant faith. The grounds for their objection is that gambling encourages a desire for material rewards and winning at the expense of another. They claim that gambling is a human weakness, and that it is a manifestation of peoples thoughts that God will and cannot provide for their needs and wants.

Many nations have shown a concern for the addictive tendencies of gambling. In 1951, the British Royal Commission classified those types of commercialized gambling that they thought were in need of state control or restriction. Their findings reported that those gambling games which encouraged competition and avid participation, used credit betting as opposed to cash betting, and implemented some type of diversion or entertainment were dangerous to a gambler. The commission stated that the temptation to bet excessive amounts of money (money that the bettor may not even have) was induced by the odds of winning and by the pace that bets were made for a particular game. They went on to say that when the odds were low, the temptation to bet was minimized, and that when the odds were high, the temptation was at its highest. The commission felt that after a gambler incurs substantial loss, they are tempted even more to increase their wagers in an effort to regain their losses, which would ultimately lead to even greater forfeiture. They concluded by saying that habitual and addictive gambling was induced by those types of betting that had quick turnovers and low chances of winning.

In the United States, the actions of state and federal government has often been to vanquish gambling establishments entirely. Through the implementation of severely restricting laws, the government has tried to run many online casinos for usa players out of business. However, there are exceptions to this censorship. Horse race betting has been legal in most states since the 1930’s. Although it was originally illegal to make bets outside of the tracks (So states could surmount more taxes from the tracks revenue), off-track betting has gradually grown in popularity, and consequently, become legal in most states – New York and Connecticut were the first states to do so. The state of Nevada has always encouraged gambling, which explains the supreme success of Las Vegas. Atlantic City, NJ also thought that casino gambling was a good idea, and introduced it in 1978. While this was going on, lottery had already started flourishing, and had spread to fourteen states by the early 1980’s.

Although gambling has been declared to be explicitly legal outside of designated areas like Las Vegas, more often than not, people are undeterred from such laws – and gamble anyways. Many underground gambling rings continue to thrive, while police do not do much to keep them from operating. In actuality, the general stance of law enforcement is that antigambling laws are of little importance in comparison to other laws. Police officials are usually not moved to enforce these laws unless urged to do so by the public. There is also a great deal of pressure imposed on public officials in the form of bribes and intimidation, thus giving a criminal nature to some gambling activities. The bottom line is whether citizens should be more concerned about the effects of legalized gambling, or, the conflict and tension created in law enforcement agencies regarding antigambling statutes.

The proponents of legalizing gambling believe that doing so would put gambling under greater and more just public inspection. They believe that if gambling was tolerated and put under tight control, the police corruption and criminal activities associated with gambling would cease. This legalization plan would call for total nationalization (socialization) of gambling. This would mean that state governments would be fully in charge of operating casinos, race tracks and sports betting pools, exactly like the state lottery system. However, non-supporters of the legalization of gambling are quick to bring up that nationalizing gambling would not suffice to end crime and corruption. Even Nevada (although gambling is not run by the state there) has had a difficult time controlling and monitoring casinos and collecting the proper amounts of revenue tax. The other concern against state run gambling is that the costs to operate, license and supervise the casino would be too high and unfair for non-gambling taxpayers.

“Friends” Slot Machine from Bally Technologies

I visit the 2014 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, which is one of the world’s largest trade shows for the casino gaming industry. At this show, which is held in late September each year, gaming manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world spy their latest products and technologies to casino executives. It’S a great show to attend, because visitors can try out often there was some machines before they’re available to the general public bus.

There are many celebrity appearances and other fun events and this segment i speak with Mike Trask, who is the senior corporate communications manager at Bally Technologies about their new friend slot machine, which will be introduced into casinos throughout the US in the upcoming months.

Okay, Mike were over here, but take a look at France. Can you tell us a bit about it? Your Friends game is awesome. This is on our new Pro theater style cabinet.

So, all last year, in on Wonder, Woman you’re, seeing this pro wave cabinets, your four th concave screen in this case to a bomb we’ve added, this 55-inch enormous top screen up there and your friends. This year’s actually the one-year anniversary up the show – and it’s so iconic TV guide named one of the 50 greatest shows of all time – that more than 25 million weekly viewers really really good stuff and I’ll course, which am 24 bonuses, number three games bonuses. There’S a letter bonus – and I in this case it’s connected to our cash connection, languages, the mammoth jackpot.

I know this is a wide-area progressive, just progress on this particular machine. A lot. This is a wide-area progressive, are cast in action.

So it’s connected to to our our biggest jackpot at bali – I you know in the case in about an hour and often gets well over a million dollars the course out about us i’d New Jersey which meets the jackpots even bigger us. So we’re excited about this. In the BR to be a lot of fun, okay, can you show some other bonus rounds? Sure I’ll take you through the all-wheel bonus here and show you a free games, so we’ll bonus, a classic kinda you spend technology, have seen this on most tomorrow.

Are big-time games seen on Michael Jackson ever lost been there, spirits always win when you come play with amino and it’s great – and this is up on stars guy – remember that a couple years ago I that on stocks it took my bonus. So I W who don’t think bonuses landed? I don’t think so, though you got ta, be careful, get a little clip, but the game in here a little clipper. The TV show several different clips available, depending on your bonus depending on they all look so young.

They do it the list this this show was cell in 20 years old, so those that episode 11 15 years ago to is free game is Friday play mechanics in the case at the Thanksgiving bonus, a mega steps secrets huge tax coming by – and this is just Penny game % uh. This is a funny game. I saw your minimum, but it’s going to be 50 credits to be eligible for the top jackpot. I your your bets going to be 300 credits.

You are not eligible for the progressive much you make the top that 39 pretty good when they’re nobody’s gonna. Take it away, thank God, so just a little taster. The action is available on. France also includes the iconic song to sing a couple bars on now.

On the there yeah – yes, so you’re going to use that you have the cut that out turn your videos to be a little taster. France awesome show won the 50 greatest of all times. All the characters are in there think people are gon na have class plan. It sounds good one last thing close game. I see someone hit the pic John progressive.

Can we do that? It’S not it’s not complete all right here we go folks, your head, I’ll, very nice, and you get a video clip to on top of the four hundred thousand dollars gon na get that huge amount of money player also get a solid five seconds ago, a friends Up so what makes it all worthwhile? Thank you very much mike Steve. Always a pleasure. Don’T forget that you can see more of our educational gaming.

Top 10 Tips For Beginning Blackjack Players

One of our two-part series on the top 10 tips for beginning blackjack players in this first part we’re going to talk all about what kinda blackjack games. You should avoid and then we’ll talk about some other table etiquette involved later on. In part, two we’ll talk some more about table etiquette and then finish up with some advice and how to use the proper strategies. So, if you’re already learned about blackjack, let’s begin number one, don’t play 625 blackjack games. Traditionally, blackjack games are paid 322.

Whenever a player is dealt the Blackjack, however, in recent years some casinos have reduced that payoff from three to two to only six to five, which results in a lower win for the players as an example, if you bet ten dollars and get a blackjack 322 payoff, Would be fifteen dollars, while the 625 payoff would be only twelve dollars? This result in a much higher mathematical edge for the casino, and you should avoid these games. As a matter of fact, by just making this one change in the payoff for Black Jacks, the casinos can raise their advantage by over 300 percent. So once again make sure you avoid the 625 blackjack games. Number two don’t play at tables that use a continuous shuffling machine. Traditionally, once all the cards have been played either that the other or an automatic shuffling machine will shuffle the cards before they are put back into play with a continuous shuffling machine.

However, there is no break in play because the discarded placed directly into the continuous shuffling machine, which will keep shopping cart after every and display end result, is that more hands will be played per our and on average you will lose more money simply because you’re playing More hands and one more thing: if you want to count cards, then for sure you want to avoid these games because card counting won’t work against the continuous shelling machine. Number three check the table minimum before you sit down. If you’re a ten dollar blackjack player, you don’t want to mistakenly sit at a twenty five dollar. Minimum bet table so be sure to check the table minimum before you sit down. There will always be a placard or sign at each table that shows the minimum bet for that table so be sure to look for tbe, for you sit down number four, don’t answer in the middle of a shoe game.

If it’s not allowed, some blackjack tables have a sign that says no Michu entry, and that means once the first Carter doubt you can’t make a bet and to all the cards in the shoe have been dealt out and I knew she was put into play. If you ask the casino why they have this role, probably say it for the convenience of their players, so they aren’t bothered by new players and a ranked game until the shoot was finished. But the real reason is to stop card counters. What are the methods card counters can use is to stand at the table without betting and watch the Carters they’re being played once the county’s favorable. They can then jump in with a big bat.

However, within no Michu entry roll the card counters are prevented from doing this. So before you jump into a game, that’s already in progress be sure to check if it’s allowed at that particular table number five, don’t hand your money directly to the dealer. When you for sit down at a blackjack table, you need to exchange for cash for chips, but don’t had your money directly to the dealer.

Canadian casinos, don’t want players and dealers in direct contact with each other, because there could be collusion to steal chips. Therefore, you should place your money on the table in front of your bedding box that the other will then take it and spread it out on the table to count it out then slide the corresponding number of chips to you, but don’t touch the chips into the Dealer removes his hat this procedure issues so that the overhead security cameras can see the transaction and make sure that it was handled properly. That’S it for part, one of our video on the top 10 tips for beginning blackjack players. Don’T forget that impart to we’ll talk. Some more about table etiquette and then finish up with some advice and how to use the proper strategies. Don’T forget that you can see more of our educational gaming.

The Five Best Casino Bets. Become A Smarter Gambler!

Hi and welcome to our series of educational videos that are designed to make you a smarter gambler. My name is Steve Bourie and I’m the author of the American casino guide, which is the number one bestselling book in the US on the subject of casino gambling and travel and the only book that comes with more than one thousand dollars in casino coupons, including free Rooms, free food free shows, free gambling money and much more. If you want to know more about casino games, be sure to visit website, we’ll be hearing from nationally-syndicated gaming writer, John Grochowski will be giving us his list of the five best bets you can find in a casino. Besides his gaming column, john also has written five books about casino gambling, including the very popular slot machine answer.

Book john has appeared on three Travel Channel specials about casino gambling and he also writes monthly articles for several gaming related magazines, one of them Now, before we start, I need to explain that john will only be talking about games that can be found on the main casino floor. That means he’s not including sports betting or race betting, where it’s possible for a good enough handicapper to get an edge and he’s also not including live poker where you can have an edge if you’re the best at the table. But your edge is dependent on the skill of the other players. So with that in mind, here’s john Grochowski, with his list of the five best bets you can find in a casino

Number Five on our list.

Best casino games is a game. I often called the best, no brainer bet the casino and that’s baccarat. Baccarat takes no skill to play whatsoever. It is a simple guessing game. You are betting, on which hand you think, will wind up closer to a total of nine the player hand or the banker hand, don’t be fooled by the name. So you don’t get your own hand.

There are just two hands that are dealt. One is designated player. One is designated banker. If you bet on banker and you win, you pay the house, a commission of 5 percent, which is where the house gets its edge on the banker. Bet Banker bet wins more ofthen than the player bet. If there was no commission, then you would have a edge and the casino’s not going to do that.

However, as it is, the house edge is very small on that bet. It’S only 1.06 percent for a bet that has no strategy. You don’t have to learn anything. The cards are dealt according to a formula that is a very, very good bet.

On the flip side. Of that, the player bet is also a very, very good bet. It is a 1.24 percent house edge Again a low house edge. It takes no skill whatsoever to make it this guessing.

Game is a good one for players. It is why this game is a very popular game with high rollers. If you look in the high limit rooms at many casinos, you’ll find a big baccarat player, and that is where a lot of the big money in casinos is actually wagered.

Number four: on our list of good casino games.

The best casino games on the main casino floor is video poker. Now, there’s a lot of variability in video poker. Video poker has some great games that are some the best games, the casino games on which it is possible for an expert player to get an edge, a good edge, deuces wild in its full pay version. But these days you see them in local places in Nevada and really not much of anywhere else. Full pay, deuces wild with expert play returns to the player 100.8 percent.

The player has an eight tenths of a percent edge on the game. It’S a great great bet. We have a game called 10/7/5 double bonus, poker and the 10 refers to a 10 for 1 payoff on a full house. The others refer to the payoffs on flushes and straights. That is a 100.17 percent game with expert play. If all video poker games were like that, if they all had theoretical percentages over a hundred percent, video poker would rank a lot higher on the list.

However, in many jurisdictions you don’t find the 100 percent games at all and even in Nevada they’re becoming increasingly rare, especially on the Las Vegas Strip. We just don’t see those games anymore, like we once did. It takes some study. It takes some work. Training.

Software is essential if you’re going to learn to play video poker at that level, but for an average player. One thing you do wan na watch out for are the payoffs on full houses and flushes Every unit that a full house or flush is taken down, because that’s where casinos change the pay tables in order to decrease the payback percentages. Each unit that those are taken down cost you about 1.1 percent, so we have a game, that’s called 9/6 jacks or better, and it doesn’t say that on the machine it just says jacks or better on a machine. You have to look at the pay table to see that full houses are paying 9 for one fulshes are for six for one. That’S why players call it 9/6, jacks or better, with expert play that pays players 99 and a half-percent If, as is fairly common, that 9/6 was taken down to 8/5 8 for 1 on full houses 5 for 1 on flushes we’re losing 2.2 percent of our payback 1.1 percent on each of those hands, which takes the overall payback percentage with expert play to 97.3 percent, so watch out for those games, look around the casino and choose the best version of the game.

That’S available in that casino. Now I mention that some video poker games can pay over 100 percent. If you play at an expert level, there are some that pay ninety-five percent ninety-four percent even lower. Even if you play at an expert level and with those games, the expert play is not to play them, but you do have to watch those pay tables making sure that you get the best version of the game is available to you.

Third, on our list of the five best casino bets are the good bets at craps.

Now craps has good bets and bad bets, and a lot in between you have to understand what you’re getting into when you make a craps bet. There are all kinds of different house edges on the different bets in craps.

Two of the good ones are pass and come and their opposites don’t pass and don’t come, which, if you leave them alone and just make those bets, the house edge is 1.41 percent on pass or come and 1.36 percent on don’t pass or don’t come Now. One of the big advantages in craps at making those pass and come bets are the ability to back the bets with what are called free odds. You can once a point is established once the shooter has established a point number. You can back your original pass bet with a free odds, wager and that wager is paid at true odds.

For example, if you have five dollars on the pass line, shooter rolls a 6 that becomes your point number now. You can back that with free odds. Let’S just use single odds as an example: now you back it with an amount, that’s equal to your wager and then, if the shooter then rolls another six before rolling a 7, you win both your pass bet and the free odds bet your pass bet your five-dollar Pass bet wins five dollars, your five-dollar free odds bet win six dollars because the odds of winning that wager are 6-5 against you.

So the combination has a lower house edge than the 1.41 percent. We talked about as a house edge on pass and come with single odds: betting that equal amount. It drops to 0.8 percent casinos that allow double odds. It drops to 0.6 percent and it keeps dropping.

We see some casinos today that offer 100 times odds. If you have a five dollar pass bet, you can back that with five hundred dollars in odds a hundred times the amount of your bet and that drops the house edge all the way down to two hundredths of a percent. Now some people will say: well, that’s a better bet than blackjack for a basic strategy player and it is if you’re sufficiently bankrolled, and you know how to use the odds and you can afford to bet five hundred and five dollars at once. Okay, there is that, however, for an average player, work were talking more of a house edge that gets under one percent, but not all the way down into the hundredths of a percent There’s another bet in craps that deserves to be on this list. We’Re kinda running a combination here.

This would be a little lower on the list if we took it by itself, but this is a place bet on six or a place bet on 8 House edge on this is 1.52 percent. So it’s a very good bet, not quite as good as the best bet in craps, but still one of the better bets in the casino One thing to watch out for with those place bets on six and 8 in craps. Is that you bet in multiples of six dollars, because that wager pays you at 7-6 odds? True odds are 6-5.

This gives you 7-6. That’S the 1.52 percent house edge. Is the difference these?

If you don’t bet in a multiple of six dollars, if you bet five dollars instead, the house is only going to give you five dollars. You don’t get that 7-6 payoff, so you want to be sure to bet in multiples of six dollars. One last thing to mention before we leave craps is that for the select few who practice a method of dice control, it is possible to get an edge on the game. I know people who do it.

The people who do it are not trying to hit number specific numbers and every time the main thing is to depress the number sevens it’s difficult. It is a physical skill that has to be practiced and practiced and practiced. We’Re not going to dwell on this. A great deal, but if everybody could do this, then this would be our number one bet, but it’s something that very few people can actually do.

Our number two game on our list of good casino bets is blackjack for a basic strategy player.

Basic strategy has been with us since the 1950s, when it was devised by an early computerized team, a team from the US army, mathematicians and blacjack basic strategy has been refined over the years. You can find charts anywhere nowadays that will tell you what your best play is. It will specify every possible combination of your cards and the dealers face-up card and tell you, for example, that if you have a 16 and the dealer has a 7 face up, your best play is to hit. Now, if you take all that into account memorize the chart practice, the game learn your basic strategy and play with that method.

You cut the house edge in a six deck game, with average rules down to about half a percent, or so That means in the long run. You expect to lose about 50 cents out of every hundred dollars. You wager Sometimes you’re going to win, sometimes you’re going to lose, but in the long run, you’re going to lose about 50 cents per hundred dollars. Wagered Blackjack has a mix and match set of rules, and not all games are created equal even for a basic strategy player, A single deck game, if all other rules are equal, is a better game for the player than a double deck game. In fact, in the when I first started coming to Las Vegas in the 1980s, we used to be able to get single deck games in which the dealer stood on all 17s, and it was a game that was an even game.

If you learned your basic strategy, it wasn’t a half percent house edge, it was an even game. We don’t really see that much anymore and certainly not on the Las Vegas Strip. Other games, if it’s eight decks, that increases the house edge a little bit. There are things like: does the dealer stand on all seventeens? Does the dealer hits soft 17 an ace and a six, for instance, or ace 2 4?

It is better for the player if the dealer stands on all 17s and that makes a difference of almost two tenths of a percent in the house edge. So there’s all these mix and match sets of rules that an informed player learns along with basic strategy. But we certainly can say that a player who learns basic strategy is much better off than an average player who doesn’t by quite a bit, and we talked about a half percent or so edge in a six deck game. An average player who does not know basic strategy faces a house edge of more like two to two and a half percent, so insteas of that fifty cents per hundred dollars, wagered they’re losing two to two and a half dollars per hundred dollars wagered, and that makes A difference, that’s why we have blackjack for basic strategy here on our top five list and we do not have blackjack for an average player And number one on our list of the best bets in the casino is blackjack for a card counter Now blackjack for a Card counter is a game where it’s possible for the player to get an edge on the house, it’s possible to make money at this game and the reason it works. The reason card counting works is because you are raising and lower your bets as the proportion of high cars to low cards from the deck changes.

When there’s a greater proportion of high cards remaining to be played in the deck. That means that there will be more blackjacks, more Blackjacks favor the player, because the player is getting paid three to two on his blackjacks. Unless he’s playing an awful 6-5 game that he shouldn’t be playing and the dealer does not get paid 3-2 on Blackjacks. Also, when there’s a greater proportion of high cards, your double downs will play truer. If you have about six and five for a total of eleven and there’s a greater proportion of high cards remaining to be played, you will get that 10 to complete your 21.

More often, so that’s why card counting works. You raise your bets when the proportion of high cards remaining in the deck is high and you lower your bets when the proportion of low cards remaining in the deck is high Low cards favor the dealer. If you want to know more about me, you can look on my website I write a weekly column that goes out to newspapers and web sites.

One place you can find that is called casino city times. I write for number of magazines, including casino player, Midwest Gaming and Travel casino journal, slot manager strictly slots and I’ve written six books on gaming, including the casino answer book, the slot machine answer book and the video poker answer book.

Basic Rules of Roulette | Gambling Tips

Hi, guys. I wanted to show you how to play roulette. It’s actually a pretty straightforward game.

You have a table here; you’ve got numbers 1-36 and 0 and 00. You’ve got a wheel that matches all the numbers here on the board. First thing you need to do is come up and get chips. You can use chips that you may have had from another table from other gambling, but in roulette, we usually use different color, non-denominational chips.

This is basically something, so that, everybody else could play all these different colors and for the house to keep track of who to pay and who to take. When you come in, usually you get a stack of, say, $50 or something like that. The dealer gives you $50, and you’re ready to go. You could put your chips in any spot that you’d like; table minimums are usually posted, usually they’re about $5 or $10. In the case of a $10 table, what you will need to do is keep in mind that there are two areas of the table. First, we have the outside, which takes care of all of the 1-18 even/odd, black/red, and all of the even bets.

Then we have the first 12, second 12, and third 12, which cover these respective areas. Also, we have a columns bet which takes care of the entire column of numbers. That’s the outside. If you’re gonna bet the outside, you need to bet the table minimum on each spot there. The area inside, this is the fun part, here – the inside, you have to bet a total of $10 at a $10 table, and you can put them any way you like. And the way that the chips go, you can put them on any single number, or you can put them on any series of numbers, to cover certain areas that you may want to cover.

The more numbers that you cover, the better your chances of winning, but the less you’ll actually get paid. And the way that it works is as follows: if you’re betting on any one of these here, odd/even, high/low, black/red, they all pay even money. If you’ve got 1-18, number 14 comes up, you get paid even money; one to one. If you were playing one of these numbers here, say if you’re playing second 12, and the ball lands on number 17, then you would win here, but then it pays two to one. Also, if you have a bet down on the columns, it’s the same thing.

If 15 comes up, and it’s in this column, this gets paid two to one. And inside numbers is where it gets a little more interesting, where you can bet a number straight out. Say, if number 13 comes up on this bet, you get paid 35 to 1. You could also put them on the line, to signify that you want to put money on more than one number at a time. This chip here, it covers 13 and 14. This is a two-number bet, this pays 17 to 1.

The same would be here, which covers 7 and 10, or here, which covers a single 0 and 1. Also, if you wanna bet on three numbers at a time, you can do that. This is called a streak, where you have the money on 10, 11, or 12 – any of these numbers comes out when you’re betting this, it gets paid 11 to 1. Also, the number three bet which we have here is called the “basket,” which is a 0, 00, and 2; it’s the same thing, if one of these numbers comes out, it gets paid 11 to 1. Then you have a four-number bet.

It’s called a corner, where you’re gonna bet, let’s see, 13, 14, 16, and 17. This is actually my favorite bet, here. And one of these four numbers comes out, then it gets paid 8 to 1. Then you have a five-number bet; it’s the only five-number bet on the board. You have 0.

00, 1, 2, 3; these five numbers, and this pays out 6 to 1. And then last, we have what’s called the “line bet,” which is these six numbers, and when you have them in a line like this, this covers 13-18, and if one of these numbers comes out, it pays 5 to 1. And, basically, what happens is that people will put their money on a whole bunch of different numbers, and then see the guy here, who wants to put, like, 10 all even, and he wants to put a whole lot on the second 12. And what happens, spin the wheel, dealer waves no more bets, and we find out that the number was 20 – which covers this bet right here, so then losers get wiped off the table, and as it turns out, those are both even, and it’s in the second 12, which would pay 2 to 1. So, that’s his money.

I’ll just count this out. So, it would be 20. In the case that the dealer doesn’t have enough chips, then they would pay you in cash.

These chips that you can take to any other table. That takes care of that. And then these bets here, these 17 to 1, that’s four times, so that’s $68, of which you’d probably get $3, second, and then some combination. And this comes off the table, and then you’re able to take off or place your bets again.

And that’s how to play roulette.

Best Online Casino Games for Real Money

Nowadays online casinos that accept PaySafe cards as a payment method are growing in popularity. One of the main reasons for this growing popularity is the convenience and quick access provided to its users. You need not go to any noisy and crowded place. Playing online also helps you to concentrate better and you can place your bets carefully. You will be surprised when you realize how easy it is to play them. Also compared to land-based casinos, online casinos that accept PaySafe cards offer higher payouts.

Because of the player’s increasing demands, the world on online casino games is getting better and better with vibrant graphics and improved sound. All this makes it even more exciting. Moreover you have a wide range of online casino games to choose from as per your liking. If you like mindless entertainment and think you have prospects of hitting a jackpot, then you should go with slots or keno, while if you are into mathematical strategy then black jack, video poker or craps would be best for you.

Some online casinos that accept PaySafe cards offer more than 200 different games with their free software downloads. Also there are games that can be played without downloading them instantly in your browser. With a quick internet connection the graphics and sound would be definitely greater.

In online gambling the most important element is security. When choosing an online casinos that accept PaySafe cards you would need to take into consideration certain things. You need to know who powers the site you use and the software company used by them. The software is the most crucial factor for ensuring fairness and security. Some of the powerful and surest names are Microgaming, Cryptologic, and Playtech. The next thing is the eCOGRA Seal of Approval. eCOGRA stands for e-Commerce and online gaming regulation and assurance. This is a non-profit organization. Its main purpose is to ensure security and fair gaming practice for online casinos. Also, for security reasons it is advisable to avoid excessive web-surfing when playing online casino games because you might not know who will have access to your information.

If you are a beginner and feel like gambling online without any monetary investment you can opt for free online gambling. You can keep checking the promotional offers being awarded by many online casinos.  Some good online casinos will allow you to open a free fun money account which means that you would not need to deposit real money. You can then check out the range of games and the software platform required for this.

You can find answers to all your queries on the internet about rules and regulations needed to play online casino games. You can also gather information by reading user testimonials and checking gambling forums. In today’s world online casino games are becoming a smart way of betting and winning free money, that too from the comfort of your home. But it’s wise to play only with what you are willing to lose. Whatever you might call it – online casino gaming, online gambling, internet gambling, or cyberspace gambling – it’s fun and exciting.

Poker Chips: Design And Tips

Poker chips, or poker tokens, are used to keep track during gambling and replace money during the game. Even though poker chips are called clay chips, poker chip sets are not entirely made of clay. Sometimes clay is used as filler, but it is always mixed with some synthetic material for durability. Clay composite chip sets were popular in the early 1800s and today are rarely used mainly because they are more expensive and tend to break easily.

Today the most popular poker chip sets are made of plastic, clay composite, and acrylic. Since 1930s poker chip sets were decorated with metal foil for extra durability and security. Ten years later, poker chip sets were printed in the center and along the edges.

Since 1950s most casinos introduced their own designs and logos imprinted on the poker chip sets, and these chips became collectable items. To add extra security and prevent counterfeiting, casinos started to use unique blends and materials in their poker chips. Most often, it’s a top-secret blend of synthetic polymer acrylic composite, sometimes with added clay or kaolin.

All casinos have their own unique colorful designs or at least a logo on their poker chip sets. These sets are produced only by a few specially appointed companies in the US, and the designs are protected by copyright.

For home gambling metal core poker or plastic chip sets are used. The metal core ones are heavier, can be customized in design and color scheme, which adds that special casino feel to them. Plastic poker chip sets are more lightweight and can be damaged more easily. On the other hand, they are less expensive and can be bought anywhere in any quantity. Plastic poker chip sets are the best choice for beginners in gambling, or for people who play occasionally. When people become serious about poker and start playing regularly, they prefer to invest in metal core poker chip sets or even in composite clay poker chip sets.

Poker chip sets are widely available on the Internet. Most companies when you place an order send a sample chip. You can also collect a nice poker chip set if you buy one-dollar chips from casinos – these would be of much better quality than any chips you could buy in stores, plus, they are a great conversational piece! And you can always trade them back for money in the casino or even play with them.

If you decide to keep your casino poker chip set, you need to provide them with a good “home”. To keep your poker chips safe you need a poker chip case with lock and key where you would store your set during a poker session. Most often, you will get a complementary poker chip case when you place an order for a poker chip set. If you buy one separately, look for a case made of metal or hard wood, with a reliable lock and soft interior lining to protect chips and cards. Plastic or vinyl cases are easily damaged and do not provide enough protection for heavier poker chip sets.

When you are ready to buy your poker chip set, make sure you go for the best quality you can afford and that you order enough chips to accommodate the number of players you usually have. As a rule, you cannot have too many chips, but if you order not enough of them, you can easily add more. Store them in a reliable poker chip case and enjoy the game!

How To Play Texas Holdem Poker

Instead of other poker games like Omaha High or 7 card stud, which entail many more possibilities for calculating odds and perhaps even trying to count cards, texas holdem can be learned in a few minutes by anyone, and you can be playing fairly well with a few hours of practice. In order to learn the game, however, you must play and you must play fairly often. It is a type of community card poker game in which players receive 2 individual cards, and then make their best hand using 5 community cards over a period of four betting rounds.

The basic rules of texas holdem are deceptively simple; mastering the strategy takes much longer than learning to play.

Limit Texas Holdem is by far the most popular form of poker game played in both brick and mortar and online poker rooms. However, the increasing popularity of the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker has sprung more interest in No Limit Texas Holdem side games. Limit Texas Holdem is a game of patience and odds. Bluffing and semi-bluffing are not very powerful weapons. While an odd hand like a set will occasionally hurt someone with top pair, the losing poker player will not lose a huge chunk of their stack because of it. In summary, Limit Texas Holdem is a game of maximizing the wins and minimizing the losses over a huge run of hands. Generally, one or two hands will not make or break a session.

No limit holdem poker stresses psychology and ‘big hands’ much more so. On any given hand you can double up or lose your entire poker chips stack. Because of this, bluffing and especially semi-bluffing are more formidable weapons. You may have heard stories about big jackpot poker tournament winners, like in The World Series of Poker, where several gamblers learned to play poker during neighborhood games and kitchen tournaments. And although this is true to a large extent, these players did not get to the level they did by skimming over the rules of the game and playing a few poker hands.

Sure, luck helps, and so does a natural talent for knowing when and how to bluff; However, if you do not take the time to practice, the opportunities to strengthen your bluffing and strategy skills will never come. A key difference between Limit Texas Holdem and No Limit Texas Holdem is the amount of information you can afford to relay to your opponents. In Limit Texas Holdem, it almost doesn’t matter if your opponents know the strength of your hand in the later stages of the pot. Since the pot is so huge in relation to the bet, you or they will probably call on the river, provided the hand can beat a bluff.

My love of online poker gambling

I started playing poker on the internet about six months ago and I must say I absolutely love it.

I had had no real interest in poker until I watched it at a friends house on satellite TV. The tournament was the World Series of Poker and my friend who was a huge fan of poker was explaining the rules as I was watching.

Over the next few months I continued to watch the poker on TV and became more and more interested.

I thought I could do that and organised a game with a few friends. It was a good evening, even though I ended up losing some money, maybe its not as easy as it looks, I thought to myself.

One day I was discussing my new found interest with a colleague at work. He confirmed that it was also an interest of his and stated that he played poker online.

He described the bonuses involved and the fact you are able to interact with the other players via a chat box, very similar to that in a chatroom.

I decided to check it out for myself and started playing at sporting odds. I now play virtually every day and find it very relaxing.

For me the best thing about online poker is the fact that you can play so many more hands per hour than you can in the house or at a casino.

In the past few years all through out California people have been seeing the explosion of Indian and Card room Casinos. There has also been an added amount of poker TV shows from the WSOP on ESPN to the WPT on the travel channel all the way down to celebrity poker showdown. Each of these things have brought about a fire in people that gambling is no longer a sin, but instead a way of entertainment.

Another industry that many people are now finding out about is casino themed parties, in which we bring the casino to your house or banquet room for a Las Vegas themed party. These events are for fun and games, and most parties play for prizes in which can be anywhere from the 20 gift card to big screen TV’s. We are D & E Casino services and we can provide your party with games from Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, to the very popular Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, Pai Gow, Caribbean Stud, and the Wheel of Fortune.

Texas Hold’em Betting Strategy

If you’re just learning to play one of the most important things you can spend time learning is basic Texas Hold’em betting Strategy. Some of the most important things to learn are basic to poker betting strategy in other poker games as well.

Here’s some very basic terminology, relating to Texas Hold’em betting strategy. The most common type of betting in Texas Hold’em is a fixed limit. In a fixed limit game, there are two betting amounts. The low and the high. We’ll use a $5-$10 Texas Hold’em table as an example. For the first few rounds each bet must be in increments of $5.00. For example if the bet is at $10, you can only call or raise it to $15.00. Then depending on the game, at some point, the betting limit doubles, all bets would then be made at $10.00 increments.

The basic Texas Hold’em betting strategy in this game is to concentrate on what you think the other players hand are based upon any clues you have. Remember, in betting the most important is to understand your opponents and bet accordingly without the other players at your table being able to predict your next Texas Hold’em betting strategy.

In the above scenario, most casinos will limit the number of raises in a single round to three or four. The number of raises in a single betting round should also be carefully evaluated into establishing your Texas Hold’em betting strategy.

As you probably already know a check is as bet of nothing. It allows you to stay in the game without increasing your bet. If no bets have been made during the round and it is your turn to bet you can check (bet nothing) and pass to the next player. Once you become more comfortable playing, a round including checks can be a golden opportunity to employ Texas Hold’em betting strategy. Of course you’ll need to evaluate the likelihood of your hand carefully and your opponenets. But this can be a winning opportunity.

In the instance above, the opportunity to bluff may enter your mind. A word of caution about using a bluff – A bluff works best when no one is expecting it. If your play is conservative, most people won’t expect you to bluff. Using a bluff occasionally, when it’s least expected is a good Texas Hold’em betting strategy. Another consideration in learning Texas Hold’em betting strategy is that if you never bluff your opponents will know you have a good hand when your bets are aggressive, thus they will fold.

Texas Hold’em is a game of chance, but learning effective Texas Hold’em, betting strategy can improve your chances greatly. The more experience you get, the better your strategy should become. Don’t allow yourself to ever get into a predictable routine during games. You’re setting yourself up for loss if you do.

For more wins and lots of fun, take some time to learn effective Texas Hold’em betting strategy.

Character Creation – Rolling Dice vs. Point Buys

Rolling the dice is one of the most important parts of the Dungeons and Dragons game.

In fact, Dungeons and Dragons really was based on miniatures wargaming, which used very little in the way of role-playing, and focused on the use of dice to determine which units would be victorious over which other units. In terms of character creation, the old “3d6” is burned into most players’ brains as solidly as the d20.

Yet, in Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, rolling the dice to create a character can be a bit misplaced.

The fact of the matter is that Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 is a fairly well-balanced system, especially in terms of characters. That is, one character will rarely be better than another character over the long term. Rolling dice to determine ability scores can detract from character balance; if one player has particularly bad rolls, it can affect their character for a long time.

Using a point buy system in your Dungeons and Dragons campaign does have some disadvantages, as well.

First off, there is the obvious fact that it will feel, at first, almost like an abomination to make a D&D; character without having to roll dice for ability scores. However, most folks are able to get past this.

Perhaps more than that, using a point buy instead of rolling dice makes some basic assumptions about the Dungeons and Dragons game that you want to play, and the players you want to play with. It assumes that there is some true need for balance among the players. This is often true, but if you’ve got a group that has been playing together for a decade, they’re used to dealing with some imbalance. It also assumes, in game terms, that every character is statistically equal; that, while the characters may be exceptional compared to commoners, that none of them are any different at the core than each other. This may be a bit hard for you to bite into.

Ultimately, the decision as to whether to use Dice rolls or a point buy in your Dungeons and Dragons game is a decision that your group has to make together.

Review of Dragon Magic Book for Gamers

Dragon Magic
Design Team: Owen K.C. Stephens and Rodney Thompson
160 Pages
Published by Wizards of the Coast
$29.95, Suggested Retail Price

Rumor has it that Wizards of the Coast is in business to make money. Now, I know that some of you may find this hard to believe. However, I tend to think that the rumors are right. Like any other business, WotC wants to keep cash flowing into its coffers. Rumor also has it that WotC decided to publish Dragon Magic because they had so much success in recent years selling anything with “magic” or with “dragon” in the title. A book called Dragon Magic was bound to be a profitable item, whether or not it was poorly designed.

The good news for us (and for WotC) is that Dragon Magic is worth every penny that us poor gamers will pay for it, and probably more. 

This is not the first time that there has been an Dungeons and Dragons game supplement called Dragon Magic. Back in 1989, TSR published an adventure for the Dragonlance setting called Dragon Magic. This 64-page module, known as DLE2, was the middle of a trilogy that I remember fondly from my days in college. More than one obnoxious Kender met his match while I was running that series.

Maybe it is just nostalgia, but I like this new Dragon Game. The variant races alone make it an interesting supplement. And while, as a DM with too many power-hungry players I am wary of letting anyone run a Fireblood dwarf, I really do enjoy reading about them.

One of the more interesting features of Dragon Magic is the Draconic Class Features. The Draconic Class Features are essentially minor modifications to core classes that give those core classes something of a draconic flavor. The mechanics are relatively sound, but here again may be a bit overpowered. For example, I get a paladin and a cleric turning undead. I think I might have a problem with one rebuking or commanding… what else… dragons! Here again, I think I’ll just keep this volume to myself, to be used for NPCs!

The weakest part of Dragon Magic is probably, ironically, the magic section. While it is nice to find some spell support for the Hexblade and the Shugenja, but I had a hard time finding anything truly useful in terms of spells. I do like the synergy between characters with dragon blood and some minor enhancements to the spells. It’s an interesting concept, but I think rather than giving characters a boost because of their dragon blood, they made the spell weaker to begin with so that being dragonblooded could bring it up to a “normal” level.

The artwork and overall layout of Dragon Magic is pretty decent. I would like to have seen more actual dragons in the artwork, but then again I’m a bit of a sucker for dragon game art.

My recommendation: Buy the book, read it, and enjoy it. Be wary of trying to use the mechanics in your game. Some feel lame, many feel overpowered. Don’t let it fall into players’ hands.